Head First: The Accidental Shrink

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Accidental Shrink

After my wife took my older daughter to youth group last night, Julia, my six year-old, helped me do some chores in the yard. Once we finished, in the cool of twilight, I built a small fire in the pit on my patio. We sat around and had a chat. After some small talk about the first full day of school, Julia turned to me. "I don’t know enough about your life, daddy." she decided, "Tell me some of your adventures."

I hadn't expected that, but after a little thought I began to tell the story of the first time I met mommy. Then I told about the time my best friend and I canoed down Dividing Creek into the Pocomoke River and to my house, at night. I talked about how we were well underway before we realized that the trees that had fallen across the creek were popular hangouts with water mocassins and snapping turtles. We arrived at midnight to be met by my dad, who was certain I had been lost to the depths. Julia stopped me often with questions, eager to absorb every detail of my story. At bedtime, she thanked me for sitting with her. I walked out on a cloud. A hundred hours of therapy could not have benefited me more. Leave it to a little kid to drag you to a better place.

Not much has changed in the other situation. Since I refused the idiotic ultimatum, I have received a call back, suggesting that attempts at resolution should continue. I guess I'll consider it, but today, it just doesn’t seem so important. I'm more interested in tonight's fireside chat.


Kc said...

My "right arm" is 25 now and there have been times it seemed she was all I had.

My prayers for you all will continue.

ninjanun said...

that's so sweet. you've got me really curious about your situation and "idiotic ultimatum." I'm afraid the same sort of thing may be happening with me, but since I know you can't say more, I won't ask. But I am intensely curious (did I mention I'm nosy? But it's more 'cause I'm reaching out to see if I'm in the same boat with other people. Make sense?)

Peace. Although it seems you've already found some in your daughter. :)