Head First: School Daze, Redux

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

School Daze, Redux

I'm taking a few days off to join some of the best friends a guy could have in Springfield, MO for a reunion at Evangel College's (well, University, now) Homecoming weekend. This is the year everybody from my old crew--from California to Great Britain--has planned to get together. While most of us have kept in touch, this will be the first time we've all been together in 20 years. I'm so amped-up, I've wet myself a couple times just thinking about it (that's why I had to change out of the ballerina costume).

Some people are genuinely surprised at how close I am with my college chums. A friend remarked to me that he hasn't kept in touch with a single soul from his days at school. I find that curious. My first response was to attribute our intense camaraderie to fact that we were all at a Christian college and shared core values, yadayadayada. But I found Evangel to be more than just "Christian" (even in the better sense of the word, if there is one).

It was there that I learned (ok, I was told it there--didn't learn it until much later) that my faith in Christ (or "X," as we liked to call Him) was meant to inform every part of my life, and that the traditional notions of the dichotomy between the "sacred" and the "secular" were, well, crap. "All Truth is God's Truth" was their motto. That was fairly radical thought 20 years ago.

In fact, I've been reading about this "new" line of postmodern theological thought called "Radical Orthodoxy" (google it). I don't know exactly who's behind it, but it seems to be pretty much the same stuff Evangel's been teaching for a few decades.

Not that I really "got it" while I was there. There was freedom in being 1200 miles from home, and I went a little nuts with that (the heretics know what I'm talking about). I still had a lot to learn, but I feel like I was put on the path there, as were my friends. Perhaps our closeness is due to our common understanding...perception, maybe...

Actually, I have no freakin' idea why I love those guys so much. I just know that I'd walk through fire for them, and they for me. There's a lot of security in that knowledge. I feel fortunate, no, blessed to have such friends.

Anyway, I'll be out of touch. My better half is taking the laptop with her to a family wedding in PA (it is hers, after all). Have a great weekend.

Crap. I wet myself again.


Kc said...

Dorsey, depends. Really man, depends. I’M NOT KIDDING WEAR DEPENDS!

So how many of your reunions coincided with weddings? Hmmm. (JK Mrs. Dorsey, I know he’d never do that….would he?)

Be safe and have a great time! (<------ That’s a radical orthod-oxymoron) ;-)

dorsey said...

LOL. Thanks KC.

Actually, of all my wife's cousins, this is the one wedding I feel bad about missing. I think Mrs. Dorsey would like to go to Springfield (she's an alum, too). But she's taking one for the team in PA. Helluva woman.

ninjanun said...

I like your South Park self. Have fun, and try not to get into too much trouble!

Chad said...

Sweet. Have fun, dorse.

ninjanun: I don't know you, but I already like you, b/c of that kick-ass name!