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Thursday, November 03, 2005

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I don't know just how righteous this indignation is that I'm feeling (if I had a flamethrower, I'd be torchin' me some SB churches), but I thought I'd spread the love.

Apparently Anheuser-Busch donated 22 palettes of canned drinking water to be distributed with other emergency relief supplies to hurricane victims in the town of Clewiston, on Florida's Lake Okeechobee. However, one band of relief workers, a church group headed by a Southern Baptist Convention pastor, chose not to distribute it.

You can read the full story here.

An SBC publication insists that they had plenty of their own water and that no one was turned away. But it seems that Tim Bridges, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Clewiston, didn't want people to get the wrong idea since the cans bore the logo of Anheuser-Busch. Well, pastor, mission accomplished. I think we now have a pretty accurate picture of what you are.

If this is what people think of when you say "Christian," then please stop calling me a Christian.


Zeke said...
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Zeke said...

This just underscores two rather thoroughgoing fallacies in evangelical thinking:

1. The "contamination" fallacy

2. The "endorsement" fallacy

Both are only fairly treated in-depth, but for our purposes here let me some them up:

The contamination fallacy is the misguided belief that if I, a Chrisian, "associate" myself in some way with "unholiness" then I will be contaminated by it. Satan will have an inroad into my life. Absurd illustration: some Christians used to teach that the mere possession of secular "Satanic" music would lead to demonic torment. One preacher even claimed that he stopped listening to that evil music and put all the albums and tapes in a box under his bed at night--only to be tormented by demons that lived in the recordings! Then he burned them, and Jesus was happy.

The endorsement fallacy is the misguided belief that if I, a Christian, "associate" myself in some way with "unholiness," then I will provide an implied endorsement of it. Absurd illustration: if I hand out water to hurricane victims with the Anheuser-Busch logo on it, that would be an implied endorsement of drinking alcohol.

Need I say more, really? This is beyond ridiculous. There's a sickness in our church, people. We need help.

Zeke said...

For the record, the post I deleted was me cussing out those SBC guys. It felt good and self-righteous when I did it, but I don't know that it was useful. Sorry. Don't mean to come across as a hypocrite, much as I admit I am one anyway.

dorsey said...

Reading it sure made me feel better.

Caro said...

I agree with both you and Zeke, but I wonder why it is that so many who profess to "love the Bible" seem to be unable to read or understand it. After all, it was written in plain Greek, Aramaic &/or Hebrew. Perhaps it's because we still want to "earn" our way to God, our place in Heaven, or our glorious crown.
The religious still "pass by on the other side" and neglect the needy to avoid "contamination" or "endorsement".
Lord, please open my eyes so that I may be a "good neighbor" to the poor, beaten-up people I meet.
Maybe I can give them a can of water as a disciple (if it doesn't bear a "cursed" logo?).

BruceD said...

Religion can be so political!

I'm sure they think they are following Christ. In fact, they've done us a favor. They have concluded what it actually means to follow Christ, and reduced it all down to a set of rules, formulas, and dictates. So now, we can bypass the whole "following Christ" thing, and just do what they do. It's so easy, really! Thanks guys!

Sarah said...

OH! I think that's really funny!

And sad.

But the can is crackin me up!

Aimee said...

ha ha.

man, when i went through the California/Landers earthquake in June 1992 they handed out these cans of waters and also glass bottles with no labels but beer caps to them. i kept both of them as collectors items because i thought they were neat! and for the record- my pastor also has a 6 pack of these AB water cans laying aorund his house- a memento from some natural disaster than he chaplained for.......