Head First: When Will it End?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

When Will it End?

It's really too bad that MTV already had a show called "Jackass," because I think it would be a perfect name for "The 700 Club." It appears that Pat Robertson cannot keep his opinions to himself--sort of an evangelical Tourette's Syndrome.

Here's how Washington Post staff writer Alan Cooperman reported it Friday:

"The television evangelist Pat Robertson and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may not agree on much, but both suggested yesterday that the severe illness of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was deserved. Both men's comments were immediately condemned by religious leaders.

Speaking on his Christian Broadcasting Network's "700 Club," which says it has 1 million viewers, Robertson said God was punishing Sharon for dividing the land of Israel. Sharon, who engineered Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip last year, suffered a massive stroke Wednesday."

I wasn't going to bother writing about this moron, because I thought Zeke handled the matter rather well here. I hoped and prayed that this wouldn't become a big story in the news for a couple reasons. First, the culture at large generally doesn't realize that most followers of Christ don't think the way Pat Robertson does, so his actions are a reflection on us all. Second, I just don't want this hypocrite getting any more attention (although I guess I'm an idiot for giving it to him in this space).

But what can you do? Nothing will shut this guy up! Well, I can't stop him, but I certainly won't let Mr. Robertson interpret my silence as endorsement. Instead of an email to CBN, I thought it would be more fitting to invoke the Almighty in this struggle. I went to the prayer request page of the CBN website (where, oddly, they take your request, but nowhere promise to pray) and left the following prayer petition:

"It is my prayer that someday, when Mr. Robertson goes to stand before Christ, it will be clear to those of us left behind just which of his idiotic statements broke the camel's back and caused God to punish him with death.

Further, I pray that Mr. Robertson stops being seen by the culture as representative of conservative evangelical christianity. His fraudulence and general whoredom (as evidenced on this website) bear little resemblance to the Jesus Christ of scripture.

In Jesus' precious name..."

I also left my name, email and phone number, in the event they wish to discuss the matter. Here's hoping that my friend Steve is wrong and God does answer prayer.


Mrs Zeke said...

I'm not a supporter of Pat Robertson or CBN but what always concerns me is are "we" those who don't agree showing him the same unforgiving manner he shows others in the way we chastise him?

Its a hard balance, well at least for me but I'm a prototype so I can be slow
*big smile*

your loved

dorsey said...

OUCH, mz! The rookie comes out swinging! ::grin::

I agree that it is a hard balance, but Jesus got super-angry at the Pharisees, people who used His Father's Name to push their idiotic ideas and put other people in bondage. Then He got mad to the point of turning over the furniture and wielding a whip on the folks who used religion to exploit people for profit. To my way of thinking, few people do those things as well or as often as Pat Robertson. Jesus called them a brood of vipers and a den of thieves. I think moron is mild by comparison.

Please stick around, Mrs. Zeke. Maybe your influence will soften me up a bit.

It's good to be loved.

Mrs Zeke said...

I ouched! I always ouch without meaning to!
I'm a table turner dorsey 100% I will interrupt a service when a lie is being preached. I will pick the little gold thingy's out of the crystal cathedral's walls and make them melt it down for food.

But I may be so wrong. What keeps playing in my head is Paul said he was the chief of sinners would I chastise Paul in the same manner? nope.

BUT (its a big but) Pat keeps doing this over and over and he may be causing more harm then good...
BUT(another big but) we are suppose to love the ones who are hard to love...
BUT(yet another big but)we are suppose to cast out among us who is rejecting of God's correction and Pat would fit the bill with some of his words

I simply on this one don't know how to treat him. So I am asking we be careful so the same measure is not sent right back to us.

Now bring up Benny Hin and I will be the first in line to take him out!

Man your seriously loved! and I think you need to hear that more often at least that is what those scary eyes told me.

Ron said...

Mrs. Zeke,

Paul gives us instruction on how to handle others. He admonishes us to speak the truth in love. Not just speak the truth, but do it in love.

Dorsey, it has been a while my friend! How have you been doing? I have missed hearing from you, but I see this one got under your skin! Just remember, you cannot be responsible for what comes from someone else's heart, only your own. Remember God's principle - whatever a man sows, that will he also reap.

J Hearne said...

Seriously, nobody can be especially surprised by Mr. Robertson's comments. We can't be silent, but I do think it's important to remember to love and do so humbly.

Yes, Jesus flipped over tables and generally got upset, but didn't he have more authority than any of us?

Mrs Zeke said...

Hi Ron and yes I am so aware of this. Its why I try to make sure I am balanced. I would say most people have little idea of what love really is. They tend to make it all one thing and not another. A soft side where everything is easy to swallow and a harsh side where it is like glass going down.

It causes me great pain when a professed brother or sister says something that can very well keep a lost soul from coming to the alter of God. I see it all the time. However it also causes pain when for the sake of comfort something that needs to be addressed in a strict way is not.

I don't know, my quest for protection will never come to it's end on this earth, but I keep trying. I guess all I can do is try to understand and not disappoint the one who truly loves.

Take care and love now tomorrow is not promised to anyone

Mrs Zeke said...

Oh yes He had all authority to do so. That is why although I am not scared to flip tables I only do it when I know for sure I am suppose to. Which is hardly ever.
It is not my place to separate the wheat from the weeds, but I will do my best in love and humbleness to try and turn the tide on something gone wrong.

If that doesn't work I just hire hitman...hehe

Love is a good thing

Steve said...

Dorsey... (sorry about the delete... had a couple of typos!)

Anyway...am I the Steve you are referring to?? How did I get brought into this??


Steve (the guy who apparently doesn't believe God answers prayer... did I ever really say that??)

Caro said...

When this whole matter began, my soulmate told me to look for a misquote that would discredit Pat with that remark. Sure enough, he has been blamed for it! Are you critics bearing witness that you heard him or are you reacting to a report that he said it?
Have we been blinded by the god of this world so that we are ready to attack eaach other on the word of our enemies?

dorsey said...

I just watched the video segment again to make sure I hadn't misinterpreted his comments. According to what I witnessed, to misquote Mr. Robertson would be completely unnecessary. He made it plain that Mr. Sharon had been stricken by God for violating the Lord's command in Joel regarding the division of the Lord's lands. He also directly implied that the 1995 assasination of Yitzhak Rabin was the result of a similar divine judgement.

You may watch it for yourself here.

I will concede that I posted in anger, and have resolved to be less vitriolic in future remarks, but he said what he said. He later claimed he was misquoted, but I saw and heard it myself. If I misrepresented his remarks, please show me how. I only used the Washington Post's treatment of the story as a bitterly ironic illustration of this culture's perception of many Christians

SB said...

Dorsey -- Your anger is understandable, and possibly prophetic in some sense. Robertson has created a platform for himself that amplifies his voice way beyond human proportions, both to his supporters and detractors. It might be fair for pipsqueaks like us to exaggerate our responses in order to level the playing field a bit. In a way, perhaps it resembles professional sports fan etiquette: I would never dream of communicating with a pro athlete in person the way I commonly do from the stands, or while watching television, or listening in on the radio. And that is not only because most of them could roundly kick my saggy ass! It’s because they become more *persona* than person when they don the uniform (and sign the obscene contract…). Robertson is a syndicated persona – we’re the rabble in the bleachers, holding up handmade signs that read, “YOU STINK!”

jeff said...

I just watched it twice. He never actually SAID that God struck down anyone. He just said, "Woe unto anyone who divides God's land".

It was actually worded quite well, in regards to deniability, since all he does is say how likeable the guy was, and you shouldn't divide Israel. Much of the correlation is left to interpretation... nicely done, Pat.

Oh and Steve (who doesn't believe God answers prayer :), I found this on an earlier thread on this site:
I discovered that day that no matter how good of a "Christian boy" you are, that no matter how hard you pray, no matter how much faith you have, no matter how good and genuine your request is...that God just doesn't answer prayer.


I do not believe the purpose of prayer is to change my circumstances. God delights in our prayers, but prayer is primarily for our own benefit, not God's. Prayer is the process of aligning my will, attitudes, and perspectives with those of my Creator.

I found all this here. Not trying to use your words against you, but I noticed that Dorsey hadn't responded, and I figured he was probably referencing these posts, as well as your podcast on prayer, where you said similar things.

I only bring all this up because I'm curious if your view is different than what I (& obviously Dorsey) assumed...


Steve said...

I don't know how prayer works Jeff yet I still pray.

You quoted me twice...

In regards to the first, my words ...that God just doesn't answer prayer should be placed in context. I am speaking from the perspective of a little boy who lost his dad after praying that he wouldn't die. In the context of the original post that Dorsey made that he remembered "the first time" God answered prayer in his life when his dad brought home a pool for his family. I was recounting me remembering my first time that God doesn't answer prayer after praying that my dad wouldn't die.

As to the second... I still stand by that complete statement. I do not believe the purpose of prayer is to change my circumstances. This doesn't mean that God might not choose to intervene in my circumstances.

I also hope that everyone reading this post that might wonder about my thoughts concerning prayer since it has become a part of this post might want to go to the above post that Jeff links to and read the comments in their entirety. Jeff asks me some very specific questions about what I believe and I respond to each one of them in that same thread..

Steve said...

Dorsey... I loved that you got angry. I loved that you were vitriolic.

That's real. That's honest. There is a time for that.. there is a time for everything...

A time to destroy and a time to construct....

A right time to rip out and another to mend,
A right time to shut up and another to speak up,

A right time to love and another to hate,
A right time to wage war and another to make peace.

We can be both. We can be balanced. I have found you to always be balanced in your approach.... and an occasional outburst at the idiocy and abuse from the mouths of those within the religious system in welcomed and needed.

dorsey said...

Steve, I'm sorry.

I wasn't taking a shot at you with the prayer remark. While I thought you had made it clear with those and other comments that you hold to a more determinist view, that was not my point.

My intent for that remark was to be a subtle illustration of the fact that people on this side of religion don't have to be in agreement to be good friends. In my mental playback of that sentence, the emphasis was on "my friend Steve," not the rest. I was trying to affirm our friendship, not highlight our differences.

I guess I blew it.

Or maybe you're just too sensitive, bitch. ::grin::

Steve said...

Dorsey... I didn't take what you wrote in the original post personally.... I pretty much knew exactly what you meant and what you were referring to. In the context of what had just happened on the message board it was very nice to see you mention my name actually... it let me know we were cool with each other.

I was tongue-in-cheek responding... "Did I really say that?" You didn't blow it at all. I had moved on days and days ago.

It was your bro that didn't seem to "get" my tongue in cheekness and decided to "air out" the exact reference and bring it all up again (silly Jeff)... but I am cool with that too. I just thought I should respond to his comments... but maybe I blew it.

And I completely and utterly agree..... we can be of the varied beliefs on subjects and still affirm our friendship. Whats the phrase... celebrate diversity!!

All of us (especially those with a long time relationship) need to keep in mind that at the core of all these discussions is our friendships. As I have told Jeff, if we were actually talking rather than writing, we would say what needed to be said, clarify it, discuss it and laugh throughout the whole conversation... drinking, talking and laughing all the way through.

jeff said...


For the record, I've been drinking and laughing through this whole thing by myself. So there!

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