Head First: Has Anyone Seen My Brother?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Has Anyone Seen My Brother?

He's wandered off again, and he figured out a way to get the tracking ankle-bracelet off this time. Crap, I'm going to lose my deposit on that thing.

If anyone sees Jeff, please return him to demerging.com. Sorry for the trouble. He does this sometimes.

**** UPDATE **** UPDATE **** UPDATE **** UPDATE **** UPDATE ****
Feb. 08, 10:15 am

Jeff has been returned. We thank God for bringing him safely through this ordeal and that he seems to be in good spirits. He recalls little of the events of the last 24 hours, although an alert reader spotted him participating in an all-night Christian "Dance Dance Revolution" competition at a local youth group meeting. Upon his return, Jeff's first words to me were, "My comment count! My comment count!" indicating that his first thoughts were of you all.

Jeff's family wishes to thank the resourceful folks at the Without A Trace discussion forum for their assistance in bringing Jeff home. God bless us, every one.


Mrs Zeke said...

I told him but I dont think it worked. I may have to hunt him down and drag him back kicking and screaming...first I have to go ask a Pastor if that's ok though :P

Your great

Zeke said...

It's not a blogger error. Forget to renew your demerging.com domain subscription, Jeff?

Herobill said...

<- ->


BruceD said...

I am at a loss for words.

jeff said...

me too...

Bruce Garrison said...

More to the point. Where have you been???? I call, you don't return my calls. I leave my skype on, you don't skype. I write, my letters come back with "return to sender" delivered by a postman that looks disarmingly like Elvis. I come to your house, your guard dog blocks my way to your door. I e-mail, I get no reply. Was it something I said???

BTW, thanks for the Letterman video. It was a nice dose of Americana. Truly worth the wait.

BruceD said...

He's missing again...

Scholiast said...

I saw him at my blog only yesterday ;)