Head First: File under "WTF?"

Monday, July 31, 2006

File under "WTF?"

This makes my freaking head explode.

The City Council of Las Vegas, Nevada, the city that craps money, just made it illegal to give food to homeless people in city parks.

Read about it here and here.

I don't have much to say about this that wouldn't be considered obscene by most people. Use your imagination.

If you wish let Mayor Goodman and the Council know what a bunch of f...um, stupid poopypants they are, go here.


jeff said...

Yeah. It's the same reason we don't feed the seagulls when we're at the beach. They might poop on the car...


Mrs Zeke said...

I wish I was shocked. I am not. Restaurants here in cali can't give away left over food they have to through it away or there open to 3rd party law suits.

Works like this..you give away a bunch of carrot muffins cause you did not sell them, hungry person take it loves it eats it. Since fruit like raisins and such is used to sweeten carrot muffin hungry person has allergic reaction, you lose your business.....that's just awesome

I guess evolution hiccuped

be loved

dorsey said...

It's the same with restaurants in Jersey, too, and pretty much everywhere. As perverse as it sounds, I can at least understand the stilted and paranoid reasoning behind that (I can't believe I said that). But the Las Vegas ordinance prohibits me from giving half my sandwich away , even though they promise lenient enforcement (if you're not going to enforce it fully, why write the law to cover it fully?).

The reasoning behind the ordinance appears to be that if you feed them, they will come. The city fathers (and nearby residents) don't want the vagrants to come out of their holes into the light of day. It's not what the tourists want to see. Out of sight is out of mind, I guess.

Or maybe what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas?

Mrs Zeke said...

I know what you mean. What the comparison between the two show me is easy the thing of the day. Its easier not to feed the hungry then to feed them in LV. In Cali its would be easy to pass a law to exempt people from 3rd party suits under these circumstance but it is easier to just create the law and nothing else.

Difficult and complex have become bad words.

Shame on us

Be loved you are

Zeke said...

I wonder how many of those homeless lost their last dollar gambling in Vegas.

Mrs Zeke said...

You know babe, again we come back to.... You dont know who is gonna do what with what you give them. So the one that really helps him or herself would not get helped if we stopped at the one who threw it away.

Silly..don't be gettin all old on me Zeke
Love you

Recovering said...

I used to work a soup kitchen in Orange County, CA when I lived there and I loved every minute of it. But we didn't work in parks because we didn't want to disturb people who were there doing what people do in parks...running, picnicing, etc. The fact of the matter is, some of the homeless we served were mentally ill, extremely bitter or angry, etc. Most weren't but when you attract a couple hundred at a time to a soup kitchen, you get quite a concentration of homeless men and women who were doing little more than disturbing the peace.

So...we realized that there were many businesses and warehouses in the area that were more than happy to let us use their sidewalks, warehouse space, etc. They were also increasingly willing to pitch in to help financially and with volutneers. Our decision to move away from parks forced us to include the community in practical ways and was a real blessing. It was only a block or two from the parks and it made everyone happy.

So that being said, I completely understand why you would react the way you are because it seems very caloused to prevent the feeding of homeless people in a public place. But having been a part of a soup kitchen that purposefully chose not to work in parks, I understand the flip side of the argument...the only "downside" I see is that the soup kitchen people have a harder time getting out their political message to non-homeless people when they can't set up shop in a public park.

Maybe I'm just an Evil Conservative but making a homeless person walk one block for free food in order to leave the park open for its intented purpose doesn't seem like a travesty to me. I was just in Vegas a few weeks ago - I'm not wishing I'd gone and checked this out...

Recovering said...

Besides, if the church followed James 1:27's advice and met practical needs like John Calvin's church did during the reformation, there wouldn't be a need for such soup kitchens.

dorsey said...

RE, you are indeed an evil bastard, but I love you nonetheless.

I take your point and I think I might have felt better if someone from the City Council had stepped up and offered another solution, or pointed out what the city is already doing to assist these folks in getting back on their feet. Instead, the city just seemed to be sweeping them back into the cracks.

I'm waiting for a response from the mayor. Until then, they're still a bunch of stupid stupidheads. pfft.

Kris said...

The god of this world.....is still the god of this world. Human creatures still listen to him, they covet money = Las Vegas... they continue not to believe God choosing to be habitual( i said habitual) homeless people. Thank goodness that the real God fed the homeless and ate and drank with coveting tax collecting casino owners and patrons.

Dorsey I don't know, part of me agrees with recovering; walk a block and get food. Part of me wants to feed the homeless on the strip in hopes the tax collectors eyes will be opened. Regardless most homeless in America do get food.

In the bigger picture there are people on the earth that don't have a park or a place a block away to go get food, much less worry about playing in a park without having to look at the homeless.

In the smaller picture there might not be so much food availible for the homeless a block away from the park in Las Vegas without the money the casinos bring to town, but then again there might not be so many homeless without the casinos all together.

Thank God we have hope of a new heaven and earth someday. But till then do we love the tax collecting mayor and still feed the homeless, even if its not in the park?

---A---> said...

Hey Dorsey!

Sorry this is irrelevent to your post! Interesting though....(your post)!

we liked your text msg this morning, fun!

hey--check out my newest post--I'd honestly LOVE to hear your thoughts!!! (they're highly invited on this particular post).


Recovering said...

Thanks for the love. One thing I've wondered though is that if I'm an evil conservative then what does that make someone like Pat Buchanan or Fred Phelps? Satan himself?

dorsey said...

Welcome, Gredaadt.

I don't believe that the responsibility belongs to the government, and I don't think that's as much the issue as that the government actually stepped in and prevented charity from taking place. This was activity that was already in place, not costing the city a dime. It was working.

Of course, you are 100% correct in believing that the church ought to already have the issue of poverty handled. But the idea that organized religion might somehow live up to the vision that Christ had for it is a pipe dream on which I've long since given up.

gredaadt said...
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JimmyBob said...

You know, sometimes I think dumb thoughts too, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't legislate them.

Just the other night I had a couple of teens over for dinner and games. We had just stocked our refrigerator after having nothing to eat in the house for weeks. Kathy was very excited, but we used up most of our paycheck and are now rationing until the next one.

We told them to help themselves and have what they want. Well, after they ate all the lunch meat and drank quite a few bottles of orange juice and gatorade, etc., I was getting a little upset inside my head. I thought they took advantage of us and I was also thinking how I would never have been so bold as to look through someone's cupboards and fridge and help myself.

How this story relates to your post...I'm not quite sure. It's very late. Oh, yeah, I was thinking that if I ever have the youth over more frequently I might run out of food. If I run out of food it sure would be nice to go down to the park and get a sandwich.

Armand said...

I don't agree with the legislation either, but I think it would be more interesting and difficult to tackle the problems that caused the legislation.
"Parks became overcrowded with people looking for free food. Residents complained that people were sleeping, urinating, and defecating in their yards," Jerbic said to ABC News.

According to Jerbic, the crime rate in the surrounding areas went up nearly 25 percent and drove residents out of the parks.

How do we balance giving to the needy, but not violate "those who don't work shall not eat" verse.

What would have been a better course of action to solve the problems in the park? How can we show compassion, but not support laziness? I'm not pointing any fingers, just asking the question.

Sarcastic Lutheran said...

If those homeless people had any self respect at all they'd earn their money taking off their clothes or cheating people like the other hard working Americans in Las Vegas

dorsey said...

Bring a stack of singles with you, SL. You might be on to something.

Armand, I think the no work/no eat verse applies to people who don't carry their weight within the fellowship of believers. You can't over-literalize that passage to justify denying the poor.

Sarcastic Lutheran said...

*whine* If we can't overliteralize then how can we be certain other people are wrong? Isn't that the fun of fundamentalism? Plus, thinking makes me tired.

bluesbaby said...

I just wrote the mayor a note. Hey if we want to exercise kindness at our own risk we should be free to. It's one thig to regulate business, it another to tell the man on the street hecan't share his pretzels.

RC said...

that's really sad...i know other cities have done that as well.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com