Head First: The Terrorists have won.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Terrorists have won.

Comments are off at StupidChurchPeople.


ninjanun said...

No, they haven't won. Stupid Church People is still open for business, but now the trolls can't get the last (stupid) word in.

When SCP is no more, THEN the terrorists will have won.

Me? I just delete stupid comments. Not the best solution, but it's better than taking lip in your own living room from a bunch of friggin' negatories.

Steve said...

Just closing the borders that's all.... Call it SCP Homeland Security... alert level Orange.

jeff said...

Yeah! Screw those Mexicans!!

For the record, at demerging.com, we're outsourcing. All comments are now msnufactured in sweatshops in Indonesia.

We blog because we care!

SocietyVs said...

What the hell was happening at 'stupid church people'? Some religious nuts shooting their gunz off? I think we need to take a united front against that narrow-minded jibber-jabber that some people are throwing at them (if that's what happening). I really like Steve's blog and Josh's...some good stuff coming out of there.

shelly said...

LOL @ Jeff's comment. :)

I don't really blame them, though. But hey. There's always email, if someone wanted to comment about something. *nods*

What the hell was happening at 'stupid church people'? Some religious nuts shooting their gunz off?

Pretty much.

Joshua Sager said...

Shelly ...



Zeke said...

It'd just turned into a game of Whack-A-Mole... there was always another religious hater just around the corner. Can't say as I blame the boys. I never had their kind of problems at my site.

dorsey said...

Don't get me wrong. I don't blame them, either. I'm just saddened that it's come to this. SCP was once a place where you could feel at home. There was a time when we could have a decent discussion over there without some jerk and his girlfriend always trying to throw a wrench into the works. Sure, there was disagreement (these blogs were built on disagreement), but some people don't know when enough is enough. I find myself wondering what their purpose is. Shutting down the conversation? Well, mission accomplished.

Again, I don't blame the boys. I'm not sure how I would handle it (maybe just ask them to leave?). Still, it's too bad.

Scott said...

I agree with all that has been said here...But I have to wonder, what would happen if we just ignored them? When the dumb asses puts up an inflamitory comment and there is silence, what would happen? My mom used to say tell me that arguing is a two way street, or that it takes two to tango. I think a good alternative to shutting down the comments would be to just ignore the f**kheads, sort of our silent protest to stupidity, or our Tiananmen Square protests.

I don't know...

Steve said...

Boys??? Boys???

I got your boys right here.

And it's not his girlfriend, it's his sister... but being from Oklahoma we could be talking about the same thing.

ninjanun said...

Well, THAT makes a lot more sense (about the relationship; I had no idea they were actually related).

No wonder they both sounded so foaming-at-the-mouth similar.

jeff said...

I was just messing around, seeing if anyone else was blogging about SCP, snd their recent comment-demise, when I came across this site

Is this some wierd SCP way of restoring comments without ACTUALLY having to restore comments?

(I wish I'd thought of it... pretty funny!)

[Save the Mona Lisa]

dorsey said...

Holy crap, that's hilarious...and a little sad.

mark said...

On Sunday morning I prepared a long rebuttal to one of the negative replies to one of Steve's "Eugene Peterson" posts, and before hitting the publish button, I re-read my well formed, well thought out comments (hell, I even quoted scripture) and decided not to post it. Peterson is one of my absolute favorite authors - has been for years - and some of the comments there had pissed me off.

BUT, just as I discovered in my one year of bible college, you can't win an argument with a selectively deaf person. All you end up is angry, jaded, and out of breath. Most people don't want a 2-way conversation - they want to prove their "right" - ness.

The most freeing thing that has ever happened to me was when I learned and embraced this:

I don't have to be right anymore.

jeff said...


I can appreciate that you don't have to be right, anymore. But I still do.

So I must say, that after a couple of days of thinking about this, I couold not disagree more with the decision to disable the comments on SCP.

While I enjoy Steve & Josh's posts, the REAL beauty of the site usually unfolds in the comments portion. I've worked out a lot of stuff in the SCP comments. Without them, I think it'll just feel one-sided... kind-of like getting preached at.

We cannot be a community if we do not have a voice... and that means everyone, even the trolls.

I humbly request that Steve & Josh turn the comments back on, we have a great time and ignore the trolls. Besides, what better example of "stupid church people" than when stupid church people post?

I think that "Really Stupid Church People" site is funny and all. But I think we're taking ourselves too seriously when the likes of MarcDavid & SheFrog can ruin things for everyone.

Message boards? Alternative comment sites? Count me out.

Screw the idiots and put things back the way they used to be!!

[Save the Mona Lisa]

mark said...

Screw the idiots and put things back the way they used to be!!

True...and it does feel like the trolls have "won" in some small way by the comments being shut off. Although I didn't fight the battles with the idiots in the comments section, I did keep close track of people's thoughts and ideas as expressed in the comments.

And as a side note: Working in publishing, I have the opportunity to read many different voices/authors. I have to say, the wisdom and thoughtfulness expressed by many bloggers in this neck of the web is top of the line. Many of you have a way of looking at life and faith from a perspective that many "stupid church people" in our country can't handle. The truth, honesty, and authenticity, shared here is wonderful.

Please, everyone in the SCP Family, keep your thoughts rolling in any way you can (blogs, podcasts, email, face to face). What is discussed and expressed is important. So many people need to be freed from the Stupid Church "Matrix".

Don't stop flying the Nebuchadnezzar.

Caro said...

Gosh, how wonderful for the self-righteous fans of SCP to vent their hatred of all the pathetic people who embrace traditional values and take wine, not beer for communion. How sad that the church of Jesus has no room for the conventional as the unconventional, who REALLY know truth, have taken over.
When will they ever learn...

dorsey said...

That's rich, Caro.

From where I stand, it's the traditionalists who have decided how much room there is at the Lord's table. Don't expect us not to get pissed off when they ridicule us for talking about it. Rejecting their answers to our questions doesn't constitute hatred, either, nor does firing back when attacked for that rejection.

I do admit to getting self-righteous about it, though.

ninjanun said...

Well, I just saw Shefrog's response to my comments aimed at Marc David, and all I gotta say is "wow."

And she left no way for me to address her via e-mail, so I guess she gets the last, hateful word in.

I don't know where people get the idea that I use big words on purpose to impress people or try to appear witty. I'm a better writer than speaker, I'll admit, but that doesn't mean someone like shefrog has to make fun of me for it (do I really stutter?!).

Maybe "a gentle answer turns away wrath" is something these two need to learn. It's okay to disagree, but they sure seem to pick a piss-poor way of going about it. And then they're surprised when we jump to Steve's defense. I don't like people being rude to my friends.

~one of Steve's many "followers" ;)

dorsey said...

You can write her a letter at her home in Panama City, FL, or you can call her (gotta love whitepages.com). Or you can always just respond over at REALLYStupidChurchPeople.

(Save the Mona Lisa)

ninjanun said...

OR, I can just get over it, I guess. Still, it's a little appalling to see how brutal she and her brother get towards people whom they disagree with, and yet they sound so sweet and "churchy" on their own blog sites.

I guess that's why SCP exists, and why so many of us resonate with it. When you're abused at the hands of the SCP's, it only reinforces the reasons for fighting back.

p.s. I don't really stutter, I lisp, bisque!

jeff said...

I was going to "take them on" on their sites, but I've decided that it's not worth it.

What a waste of breath (or motor-function, as it were...). The fact that I've even taken 1/2 hour to think about these bozos pisses me off.

[Save the Mona Lisa]

Steve said...

Jeff... see... it's exhausting. And I saw (or felt) you guys stressing over it too. That's why it seemed to be a good idea for us all to take a break from it for awhile. To step back. A comment fast as it were.

jeff said...

"Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of stupidity
and untie the cords of the stupid,
to set the stupid free
and break every stupid person?

Is it not to share your wisdom with the stupid
and to provide the stupid blogger with shelter—
when you see the stupid, to cuss him,
and not to turn away from your own comment verification?

Then your comment count will break forth like the dawn,
and your sitemeter will quickly appear;
then your right-ness will go before you,
and the owner of the blog will kick your rear-end.

Then you will call, and Steve will answer;
you will cry for help, and he will say: F*ck off!
"If you do away with the blogsite comments,
with the pointing finger and malicious talk,

and if you spend yourselves in behalf of the not-so-stupid
and satisfy the needs of the SCP followers,
then your blog will rise in the darkness,
and your comments will become like the noonday.

(Isaiah 58:6-10 JIV)

[Save the Mona Lisa]

Steve said...

Jeff... you are starting to sound like Rev Dan from outchurched..... scary!

jeff said...

Rev. Dan is the shiite!!

[Save the Mona Lisa]

RC said...

hum? very interesting.

shelly said...

Okay, now I wanna know where I can get my hands on a JIV version of the Bible. ;)

And no, ninjanun, you don't stutter.