Head First: We'll return to our regular programming, right after we sell out to the man.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

We'll return to our regular programming, right after we sell out to the man.

Bear with me as I take this post to fulfill a couple obligations.

I'm feeling much better now, but it can be a little ego stroking to get an email from a big company that says "We have identified you as an influential online presence and an opinion leader." This only weeks after a book publisher tells you, "...yours is a blog that we keep an eye on." For a moment, I wondered if I should hire an agent, until I realized that about a billion other people got the same offers.

I really don't know how my name got into this particular pot (probably a mistake), but the Philips Corporation and its partner, Douwe Egberts recently offered to send me a Senseo pod-style coffee maker in hopes that I would like it and use my vast influence to command you to leave suitcases full of large bills in the lobby of their corporate headquarters. I had seen similar machines in a couple high-end kitchen shops, and assumed it was just the latest gimmick. But still, it retails for between $70-100, and they've sold millions of these machines in Europe, and I thought, "What the hell. If it's good enough for Europeans, how can I say no? I can always put it on eBay or give it to a homeless person." So I agreed.

Wait a minute... I just remembered. About a year ago, I posted here about complaining to Philips that their DuraMax lightbulbs last a couple months instead of a couple years, as advertised. In response, they sent me a whole case of lightbulbs which was pretty nice, except that the new bulbs didn't last any longer than the ones I complained about. The way I see it, they still owe me lightbulbs for the next 9 years.

Anyway, the coffeemaker arrived last week. It's bigger than it looked in pictures, but still attractive. There was a little bit of setup involved, but the instructions were pretty clear. The machine uses small pre-measured pods (like little round teabags), very hot water and pressure to produce a very frothy, very attractive 8 oz. cuppa joe, or two 4 oz. demis in about a minute. The pods that came with the machine were a medium roast, but the selection of available coffees, cappucinos, decafs, etc. is pretty impressive, and available at all of my local supermarkets. They're a little pricey, but you can buy a reusable mesh pod and use your favorite roast, if you like.

I made several cups that evening. It was rich and delicious. Not weak, and not acidic. I would be interested in trying a stronger roast or an espresso, and I have to admit, the Senseo makes a spectacular cup of coffee. But therein lies the rub. It makes only a cup of coffee. I need a machine that makes a spectacular POT of coffee. Most mornings, I wander around the house with my 14 oz. mug, stopping for a warmup as I pass the coffeemaker. When I'm ready to leave, whatever's left goes into my 20 oz. travel mug. The Senseo, as good as it is, just doesn't fit my coffee lifestyle.

However, if you just drink one or two cups in the morning, or want to offer a guest a treat, then this machine is for you. You can pick one up pretty cheap on eBay right now (apparently, everyone had the same idea that I did). The pods are widely available, but I like the idea of the reusable pod.

In fact, if you're interested, you can have mine for free. Well, throw me, say, twenty bucks for shipping and handling, and I'll send it to you, along with the remaining coffee pods. Let me know. Supplies are limited. Operators are standing by.

I have some things to do, so the book review will have to wait a bit. Meanwhile, read reviews from bruced and Jason Clark. I don't have much to add.


Recovering said...

You're one of the best product pimps I know...

dufflehead said...

you should get a bunn

Scott said...


Just had to get that off of my chest. Dorsey, I'm reading the book too. I want to set up some kind of online discussion forum. How do you think we could accomplish this?

Allison said...

Raising hand and ducking head over in the corner...

It's my fault you got the offer. I knew you liked coffee.

My free Senseo arrived a week or two ago (before I actually made it to Santa Fe), and I've yet to open the silly thing. I'm part of the POT of coffee bandwagon also, so making a dainty little cuppa just doesn't seem that it will cut it.

We're having the mother of all garage sales at some point (combining the households of two heretofore single thirty-somethings will do that), so I figure I might just NOT pimp the product and make a few bucks off my unopened Senseo instead.


dorsey said...

Good thinking. You're welcome to plagiarize from my review.

ursasmaller@hotmail.com said...

that sounds like it fits my coffee lifestyle perfectly. I would be more than happy to take it off your hands.