Head First: It was political PMS.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It was political PMS.

Sorry about that last post. It was written in the haste of frustration and not altogether thought out. Mere mention of the Supreme Court would have brought my logic to its knees. I hope I'm allowed one intellectual lapse. I still hate politics.

Anyway, gredaadt posted this speech from Illinios Senator Barack Obama. The more I hear from this guy, the more hopeful I am that the left and the right can someday come to a reasonable working relationship.

It's a long post, but read it. It makes a lot of sense.


dufflehead said...

i guess you saw that rumsfeld is out?

now, if the president (especially him, but the house and senate just as well) would worry about the priorities of his employers over his own priorities, we could move forward.

dufflehead said...

and for some interesting perspective on the sacking of the don . . .

gredaadt said...

Thanks for pointing to my site.

I find Senator Obama's view toward religion and government to be quite inclusive, and not as polarizing as is typical of the US political machine. He addresses both Democrat and Republican, in an attempt to illuminate their views toward the ever-changing landscape that is on the horizon.

Instead of focusing on the differences we have with one another, and pointing our fingers at those with whom we do not believe, we must (especially as Christians) seek peace with all by looking first, to the areas in which we share common ground.

(Sorry to ramble)

Jake said...

I may have found a motivation for your beer club: http://www.larknews.com/november_2006/secondary.php?page=3