Head First: This is Gonna Be the Best Xmas Ever!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is Gonna Be the Best Xmas Ever!

The response has been overwhelming! Apparently, the gift of music was such a hit, that Amazon has completely sold out of all those titles, except Mylon LeFevre and Tammy Faye. Jim Post's "I Love My Life" is backordered until Easter. Clearly, everyone is in a shopping mood this Christmas. So, while I'm digging up some more gift ideas for the loved ones on your list (don't forget Dorse! hehe), here are some more musical selections for your consideration.


Phil Miller said...

Thank you for the Dove

You're welcome, glad you enjoyed it!

dufflehead said...

again, so many WRONG titles.

i guess the "love" was just too prevelant back then.

let's not request ken.

satan is real, but looks like a dufus. maybe because he was paralyzed?

God is alive, and here is the number of alcholic beverages that it took me to get to this point.

doesn't look like there's any more room for playing with the playmates (it actually looks like they've got that covered)

so is mr. tripp the ruler of the Earth, or is he just the owner?

and i don't even want to know about julie's birthday with that old dude.

Kris said...

Julie's 16th birthday is so not right. I agree with you dufflehead.

Dorsey!....DORSEY! How far do you want our minds to wander with this stuff. I know the will that I want to do is not what I do. But good grief man. Putting that sad looking sixteen year old on sitting next to a dude with Richard Petty looking cowboy hat, a draft beer, and burning cigarette in an ashtray???

Just what does this album cover imply?

You are so not right Dorsey.....give me a hug. I wish I knew how to quit you.

Kris said...

Is that Nathaniel Adam King hiding behind LuLo Roman?

dorsey said...

Dude, Adam King's whole family could hide behind Lulu Roman.

dufflehead said...

i wonder if orion, the obvious superhero, and mr. tripp, the self-proclaimed owner of the world, are arch enemies.

"look, up in the sky! it's orion's belt! someone must be in peril!"

(and i'm still not going to request ken)

seƱor jefe said...

Um... didn't we have that "Thank You for the Dove" LP growing up?

Mrs Zeke said...

Dorsey you may have come up with the only reason besides country I would ever give up music

love you

dorsey said...

"Um... didn't we have that "Thank You for the Dove" LP growing up?"

Of course we did, Jefe. I've always assumed Mike Adkins was one of your primary musical influences. He's funk-tastic!

SocietyVs said...

Man are those some funny albums.

I especially like 'Satan is real' - I love how they make an album to try prove this. So if he is real, are those 2 navy personel on the front trying to stop him? Just how real is satan - see the cardboard cut-out in the background.

Julie's sixteenth birthday is the introduction of cherry popping as we know it - great album.

All my friends are dead - was the real name of the album or did someone change at last minute to remind this guy he's a loser?

Ken, by request only, is one of the most under-rated albums of all time - in Ken's own head.

nathaniel adam king said...

I think the backorder problem may be my fault. Something possessed me and made me order 20 copies of Jim Post's album for all my friends...

And now looking at Lulo Roman, I think it may be Halloween before anyone will be able to get her after I'm done ordering...

Steve said...

Have I never told my Freddie Gage "All My Friends Are Dead" stories... certainly I have?? I have a few Freddie Gage stories... but they may be of the "had to be there" variety.

Maybe not... you'll just have to wait until our next podcast. :-)rbda

lowendaction said...

Wow... I'm just so sorry that I've discovered these so late in the game. I feel as though I've been stumbeling about in total darkness for all these years.
Bless you for showing me the sweet light that is the "Clearence Rack Specials" record company. They truly are the unsung hero's of some strange and alien time before 1991.
Now I can finally ditch my collectors editions of Sandi Patti, DeGarmo & Key and Michael W. Smith for the real thing.
You've changed me, and I'll never be the same... and to think, we've never even met.

... and people say the internet is godless... tsk, tsk, tsk.

Dan said...

> satan is real, but looks like a dufus.
> maybe because he was paralyzed?

Hahahahaha! So funny!

I actually own that album... and really like the Louvin Brothers. Some of the old-time gospel stuff doesn't appeal to me lyrically, but the Louvin Brothers in particular were a significant influence in American music... particularly their use of "close harmony" which inspired/influenced some of my favorite musicians (like Emmylou Harris).

> so is mr. tripp the ruler of the
> Earth, or is he just the owner?

I'm just the king of heathens (in my own mind). ;)

(Sorry, I'm super-late to the party, as usual. Is anyone still here... mmm... warm beer!)

Anonymous said...

wow, Thank You For The Dove is a gold album and still available at:

Mike's Web Site