Head First: Skin Deep

Monday, January 08, 2007

Skin Deep

As the father of daughters, I was stopped in my tracks by this. Show it to people. Your sons, too.


Mrs Zeke said...

You hit it on the head our view is so messed up. Our baby is a very good stage actress. Her teacher said she had a such a natural Thespian type acting that she could see her on stage in New York and was willing to send her there with her school as a sponser.
But you know why she did not pursue it, because in her words "mom I would have be so skinny and my face is not pretty , pretty like the people on tv it would just be a waste of time"

Of course I said all the right response but the sad thing is I knew in a way she was right and she did not want to be rejected on anything but the judging of her skill. Or course she is pretty, pretty but not the click kind of pretty.

See its alright to be skinny and have breast implants that no normal body of a small scale would carry. Its not alright to not "need" implants and have the natural body that come with that, even if it means we look like freaks of nature.

Nobody in there right mind would say Tyra Banks is fat but even she admitted and showed on TV the weight they take off her body in model pics. But women with her body type like our daughter and others hide themselves and I don't mean in an attempt to be modest they hide because these young women are told they are fat. If they don't have the flavor of the month face then they are ugly too.

Sorry if I am ranting I am just so bent about what our society is telling girls and young women.

Here is the knife that cuts both ways if you do have the "right" everything then your body and space do not belong to you. But that's another rant for another time.

Glad there is a much better love

M said...

I'm a graphic designer and this process is well known in the industry. I teach at an art college and it cracks me up when I get these young men (such as I was at one point) in my class who think all these models ACTUALLY look that way!
It's distorted reality. It's "hyper-reality". What I tell my classes is this: NO ONE looks that good. Every model I have ever worked with is what I call "everyday good looking". Meaning, you see people that pretty every day.
However, once the makeup artist, the photographer, and photoshop is done with them, they become a totally different person.
It's all a farce. And I agree. Tell you daughters. Tell your sons. God knows I do.

Jason said...

Ahh, the now hugely famous Dove commercial. This video's been playing it’s way through church youth ministries, and (m, I know what you mean) through graphic art houses.

Finally...a creative marketing idea that's actually beneficial to their viewers. I like their motivating honesty.

MJ said...

That is awesome!!!

sandytrif said...

Thanks Dorsey. I have not seen this ad before. I tell my girls often enough that beauty is on the inside, but sadly even disney movies have the pretty girl getting the guy (ie Cinderella). As a mom of 3 girls and 1 son,and a grandma to one of each, I will pass it on. In fact, I have already passed this along~Hope asked what it was and watched it with me.I think Dove is doing a great thing in all of its recent advertisements.

Zeke said...

Thanks for putting this up. I've also seen examples where magazine publishers will actually make celebrities look less scantily-clad than they are... complete with photoshopped nipples and cleavage. Won't be long before fake is the norm.

Chemical Erik said...

Can someone explain what is supposedly so attractive about giving this girl a freakishly long neck?

Kc said...

I watched it when you first posted and I'm still sorting my thoughts. I'm trying to understand why this works so well in marketing. Have you ever compared the "beauties" of today to the pin-ups of the 50's? What else could drive such changes if not for this type of imagery?

MyPam said...

in the 50s, pin ups were air brushed.

i like this ad. aside from the fact that it served as an eye opener, it made me feel better about myself


SocietyVs said...

Man that was crazy - I really had very little clue this was the 'norm' for the posters, movies, and magazines. I think that is a good message for anyone - that the beauty the businesses are selling - well, it isn't real. So just be you - and that's truly beautiful - I guess we have nothing to really hide.

Society's Elite said...

Dorsey, since when did you volunteer to model for Dove? I thought you quit after the Victoria's Secret gig..

All joking aside, that was great. Hopefully they reach a lot of young girls with this.

shelly said...

I love Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty"; and I really love that they're doing this.

In related news: One of the reasons one of my favourite actresses is Kate Winslet is because not only is she talented, the woman actually looks somewhat NORMAL (not to mention she's damn proud of that fact). If only more famous women were like that...

dorsey said...

" If only more famous women were like that..."

Like Kate Winslett? What a wonderful world it would be. ; )

shelly said...

I just mean that if more women were okay with their size--whatever it is--the world would be loads better.

(And yeah, Kate's absolutely gorgeous. ;))

dorsey said...

I know what you meant. I just thought this thread was getting too classy and needed to be brought down a notch. heh heh.

sandytrif said...

hey dorsey,
this obession with beauty has some deep roots. way back in Gensis, Issac saw Rebekah's beauty and fell madly in love w/her. Then Jacob his son did the same thing with Rachel. He saw that she was good looking and had a great bod, and wham oh could move the cover off the well with out any help. Then there is David, who well we know his stories. So did any of these guys know these women, or only go by what they looked like. Hey the Bible points out that Leah was not a hottie and she got the raw end of the deal.
Just some thoughts to say, we have not come that far--So glad that Jesus looks at the heart!!

dorsey said...

Y'know, that's an interesting observation, Sandy. And, while this was more about creating unnatural "beauty", you got me thinking.

I've read about the beautiful women of the bible, too. I've tried to imagine how drop-dead gorgeous Esther must be. But after reading your comment, it occurred to me that Esther, the fairest in all the land, probably had hairy legs and unshaven armpits.

I'm more a victim of society's perceptions than I realized.

ninjanun said...

Esther, the fairest in all the land, probably had hairy legs and unshaven armpits.

I am sooo using this line the next time someone catches a glimpse my hairy winter legs.

Also? Esther saved a buttload of cash by not having to buy those triple-blade Mach3 disposable razor heads. Which means more money for buying jeans that make her butt look awesome.

James Bracciante said...

Wow, I showed this to my Mom and My Dad, and my friends. Life is so skewed by people.

-James Bracciante