Head First: Finally, a reason to watch the Grammys.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finally, a reason to watch the Grammys.

That was freakin' awesome.
If you missed it:


Zeke said...

That song came out--believe it or not--almost 30 years ago.

Just. Damn.

Pammu said...

Exactly. That James Brown tribute was awesome too.

seƱor jefe said...

They're going on a US tour!
They're going on a US tour!
They're going on a US tour!

In fact, they're already booked for 2 nights at Madison Square Garden.

I'm soooooo going to see them in concert (finally)...

Steve said...

Ok... sorry guys... but I don't get the big deal really.

Isn't STING what The Police is all about and hasn't he been singing Roxanne for years in concert as a solo act? Does it really sound that much different with his old cronies by his side? Seems to be you could pretty much slap anyone else up there next to sing to play with him and it would sound just as good.

I'm not a music snob like you guys, so forgive my ignorance.

dorsey said...

No, Sting is not what The Police is all about. His career since then has just been more visible. And yes, it does sound that much different. Years after the fact, it's easy to say things like that. Sting brought some serious cool to the table, and in the end, it was Sting's showboating ego that brought the band to an end. But, as a musician, I remember how different and new all three of these guys were in their respective instruments. Stuart Copeland's integration of reggae and new wave influences, combined with Andy Summer's musical oddness, meshed perfectly with Sting's lyrical style to create a sort of "thinking man's punk rock." It was groundbreaking, and it influenced everything that came after it. Without The Police, there would have been no Sting.

It was purpose-driven rock. Maybe that's what's tripping you up. ; )

Bruce Garrison said...

Unbelievable! Man, I'm glad you posted this. They don't show the Grammys at all over here. (How wrong is that?) I was dying to see this. Excellent stuff. I fully agree with your comments about the Police being the Police. It was incredible hearing Copeland's high hat behind Sting's vocals. Chills in every direction! Thanks Dorse. I'm a happy man.

nakedpastor said...

it was freakin awesome. best part.

Ausbury said...

I think Andy Summers and Jon Anderson have become one person!