Head First: September 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fresh start?

I think I just saw a little glimpse of daylight...

Monday, September 10, 2007

When I go...

To the previous post (about Pavarotti), Caro commented:

"As for all of this world's glories, triumphs, trials and tragedies, 'This too shall pass.' When our voices are silenced, will anyone remember who we were? Will our spirit of love remain in the hearts of those we've touched? GOD, help us live worthy of death!"

As I read Caro's very apt thought, I was reminded of my friend, Ed Onorato. Ed was a fabulous, professional musician and a loyal friend, with whom I had the privilege to play many times. He died of leukemia about this time last year. More than his talent, he would do anything for anyone. His generosity of spirit seemed boundless. At his (standing room only, 500+) memorial service, person after person stood and offered stories of the joy and compassion Ed brought to their lives.

Several weeks ago, I was at my favorite Italian restaurant with my family. There was a guy there, set up with his keyboard and percussion machine, singing all your favorite Italian love songs. As he sang, I sat there and wept into my '03 Sangiovese. All I could think of was Ed, and how terribly I still miss him. After we finished our meal, I approached the fellow to put a few bucks in his jar. He was between songs, so I asked him, "Did you know my friend, Ed?" Tears immediately filled his eyes as he told me how much he missed playing with Ed, too. I was getting choked up again, so I didn't stick around to chat (I didn't even get the guy's name).

I've reflected on that moment a number of times with a number of friends, and have always come back to the same question. Can you imagine being a person who has such influence with people that, a year after you're gone, strangers will cry with one another at the mention of your name? I echo Caro's cry, God, help us live such lives.

Thursday, September 06, 2007