Head First: The Great American Novel

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Great American Novel

Larry Norman recorded this song in 1972. It's amazing how relevant it sounds 36 years later. I guess nothing ever really changes, does it? People will keep being people, no matter what happens or who's in charge.


Missy said...

That song was written before I was born - but really could have been written today.

Why'd that dude at the end have so many walkie-talkies?

The Cubicle Reverend said...

Larry Norman was the man. Was he the one that did Why Should The Devil Have All The Great Music? Man, they do not write music like that anymore.

So when are we meeting for that pint?

dorsey said...

Dude, just say the word. I have a couple loose days next week. Drop me an email and let me know when you're available.

sandytrif said...

very interesting video. I remember hearing about him from WZZD when they still played music.


Recovering said...

Although you can't be "The Rock That Doesn't Roll," I agree with you that this song is still very relevant.

Rick said...

Good stuff, fitting tribute.

Caro said...

I never had time for the "protest" mode while in the service so I never listened to LN or such. WOW! I really missed something, if this is typical of the man's work.
Oh yes, it is most relevant to today, unfortunately. I guess most of the changes we make are only cosmetic (exterior) and fail to deal with our true needs (interior). What did Jesus say about polishing the outside to conceal the reality of death on the inside?
Seems that Larry was alive inside and not polished on the outside-
My challenge: Can I be both authentic and acceptable?

dorsey said...

To me, that's the only way you can be acceptable.

But I'm not in charge.