Head First: Meanwhile...

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Lots to say, no time to say it. To tell the truth, I'm debating whether to shut the blog down altogether.

So watch this while I make up my mind...


Spiritbear said...

What the hell. This youtube video doesnt work either. I found one on Ninjanuns blog that doesnt. Maybe Youtube is dead. Or else maybe I drank too much at the party and I just cant get high tech things. Even though I am a computer person.

I will go to bed and look at this later.

Dorsey, dont shut it down. Post more.

sandy trif said...

very funny video. with the grand babies here for the weekend, it is great to see a baby laughing his head off. Noah got that way last night after too many cookies~hey grandma can spoil him. Actually potty training treats.

Keep it going~if only to keep in touch with us all.


ninjanun said...

If you have lots to say but no time to say it, why don't you just say as much and leave your blog open for people to peruse? You can always come back to it and continue your thoughts, but if you shut it down and get rid of it entirely, you've closed that door and would have to start from scratch, should you change your mind.

You could always just post small thoughts/questions for discussion, and then let your readers do the work of hashing out some topic. :)

Also, if you shut it down entirely, someone who otherwise might have stumbled upon your blog by accident and want to read all your past thoughts wouldn't have that opportunity. Not to mention that you've had some great discussions on your blog that many people have contributed to, and their thoughts would be lost to the World Wide Web ether as well.

I've always been frustrated when Jeff would suddenly annihilate his blog, for the reasons listed above. It's not just your own blog, in a way, a good blog with lots of reader comments is a piece of internet community that would be gone forever.

The exception to this would be if someone's blog is endangering their work situation or otherwise encroaching on their IRL relationships and situations.

mark said...

The Sopranos.

The State of Michigan.



One for Truth.

All things I miss...I don't think I'm ready to add Head First to that list.


Recovering said...

I feel the same way. So much to say...so frickin' irritated I wait so long to write it...